Presentations and such...

This past July, I was elected to serve as the Vice President of the Association for Popular Music Education, an organization I've been involved with for the past several years. Really looking forward to continuing to advocate for an authentic popular music experience in schools! 

Our new book, Action-Based Approaches in Popular Music Education, edited with Kat Reinhert and Zack Moir, was released on August 1, 2021. The book delves into the practices and philosophies of 26 experienced music educators who understand both the how and the why of popular music education. This edited collection represents the variety, the diversity, and the multiplicity of ideas and approaches to the teaching and learning of popular music. You can purchase it through F-Flat Books and

 So far this year I've been able to present at  NAfME, RIME, and APME. Later this summer I've been invited to present a panel discussion on popular music education at the SMTE conference. It continues to be busy, but a good busy!