In June 2019, my new book Coaching a Popular Music Ensemble - Blending formal, non-formal, and informal approaches in the rehearsal was released and was a #1 seller on Amazon! 

Presentations and such...

I'm currently co-editing a book, tentatively titled Action-Based Approaches in Popular Music Education, with Kat Reinhert and Zack Moir. As of  March, we're in the final round of editing and hope to have the book out by early summer. It includes accounts of teaching and learning in popular music by 25 practicing PM educators and will be the first book of its kind!  

This past year, I was scheduled to speak at a number of music education conferences, but with the effects of COVID-19, the majority of these events, including the International Society for Music Education and the Association for Popular Music Education, have been canceled. With that, I have had the opportunity to present at a number of online conferences.  Hope you're all staying safe and sane!