This summer and fall, I'll be presenting at the following conferences. I'd love to meet other educators interested in advocating for popular/commercial music education! 

  • Association for Popular Music Education, Nashville, TN, June 24-27
  • Modern Band Colloquium, Ft. Collins, CO, July 6-9
  • National Association for Music Education, Dallas, CO,  November 11-14
  • I've been invited to serve as a clinician at the first annual Briarcrest Popular Music Festival in Memphis in November

In March 2018, I was invited to speak to graduate students at the University of Colorado on the future of music education and my thoughts on where it's trending. This coming November I'll be speaking with music ed students at the University of Memphis and next spring, I'm headed to Ithaca College to work their music ed students for a few days! 




      • I've had a couple of article reprints courtesy of the Utah Music Educators Association and the Kentucky Music Educators Association. 


      • In the August 2018 Teaching Music magazine, I wrote three articles - a cover article on the Lakewood Project, a story on utilizing music to build character, and an article on the guitar program at a Florida high school


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