Conference presentations

Here you'll find handouts from my presentations at state, national, and international conferences including the Association for Popular Music Education, Jazz Education Network, numerous state MEA conferences, and the National Association for Music Education, among others. As this is a new page, I'll begin updating soon! 

National Association for Music Education 2018

Towards a More Inclusive Music Education From NAfME's Music in a Minuet blog, November 2018 2.15 MB
Blending Traditional and Contemporary Teaching Methods From NAfME's Music in a Minuet blog, August 2017 23.4 MB
Where do we go from Here? Poster presented at NAfME 2018 6.39 MB

Modern Band Colloquium 2018 - Ft Collins

From Monticello to Montreux Discussion of Kent Denver School's Commercial Music Program and the Quincy Ave Rhythm Band 91.9 MB

APME 2018 - Nashville

Developing a Strong Foundation - Start with the Bass pdf How to help your bass player 6.11 MB
Advocating for PME - APME 2018 PP Advocating for PME and history of the traditional/jazz/PME conflict 17.2 MB
Advocating for PME - APME 2018 handout presentation handout 94.6 KB
Assessment in PME - APME 2018 PP Methods to assess PME ensembles 5.77 MB

Jazz Education Network 2018 - Dallas

Where do we go from here - JEN 2018 How to implement PME into your existing music program 18.4 MB

Colorado MEA 2018 - Colorado Springs

Music Education in Cuba PP, CMEA 2018 Presentation based on my travels to Cuba to better understand their education system 25.8 MB
Music Education in Cuba article handout presentation handout 8.01 MB
Popular Music Education article handout Article from NAfME's Music in a Minuet blog. 15.9 MB

APME 2017 - Denver

Rhythm Section Woes PP Methods that will enable to you better coach your rhythm section 9.8 MB
Rhythm Section Woes handout presentation handout 76.1 KB
Gigging with Your Students PP How to go about finding performance opportunities for your ensembles 22.9 MB
Gigging with Your Students handout presentation handout 67 KB

NAfME 2018 - Thoughts on Inclusion and PMe slideshow