Conference presentations

Here you'll find handouts from my presentations at state, national, and international conferences including the Association for Popular Music Education, Jazz Education Network, numerous state MEA conferences, and the National Association for Music Education, among others. 

Research in Music Education - 2021 - Online

How Popular Musicians Teach - Employing an auto-ethnographic lens, the paper investigates the various ways the author taught and students learned in a popular music program. Through identifying the similarities and dissimilarities between a learner’s in-school and out-of-school music experiences––as well as problematizing the preconceived role(s) of the learner and teacher in these experiences––the author arrived at the conclusion that a hybrid of formal, non-formal, and informal approaches was, indeed, a viable popular music pedagogy.

nafme - 2021 - online

Developing Hybrid Practices in Popular Music Education - presentation with Shane Colqhoun

Colorado MEA - 2021 - Online

Intersections and Roundabouts; Connecting in-school and out-of-school experiences to your teaching practice - How do our experiences, prior knowledge, biases, assumptions, etc., inform our teaching practices? 

arizona Dept of Education - 2020 - Online

Navigating a New Music Education Landscape: (Online/Hybrid/In-Person) Instructional Highlights - In this session, participants will hear highlights from a panel of three music teachers on successful instructional strategies in classrooms in online, hybrid, or in-person instruction.

Prince Edward Island MEA - 2020 - Online

Popular Music Education – Beyond Three Chords and the Truth, pt. 1 - In this session, we’ll discuss how to go about offering a well-rounded music experience through utilizing popular music in the classroom. We’ll discuss proven methods of instruction that will take your program to the next level while considering the basics of incorporating popular music into your school music program.

Popular Music Education; Adding Elements of PME to Your Program, pt. 2 - In our second session, we’ll consider how to add elements of popular music education (PME) into the classroom or ensemble in an effort to create an inclusive, diverse learning environment in regards to student experiences, musical preferences, and cultures. We’ll first discuss some of the foundational aspects of popular music pedagogies followed by a number of proven ways to authentically integrate popular music into your program. 

Colorado MEA 2020 - Colorado Springs

National Association for Music Education 2018

Modern Band Colloquium 2018 - Ft Collins

APME 2018 - Nashville

Jazz Education Network 2018 - Dallas

Colorado MEA 2018 - Colorado Springs

APME 2017 - Denver

NAfME 2018 - Thoughts on Inclusion and PMe slideshow