These books are being used by a number of university music programs, including Boston University, Northwestern University, University of Southern California, Arizona State University, University of Hawaii, Montclair State University, California State University Long Beach, University of Kentucky, and a host of others. If you'd like to order bulk copies, please reach out at Thanks!

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"Imagine having immediate access to an assembly of experienced popular music educators willing to share their ideas and best practices. That is what you will find in this new collection. Written in highly accessible prose, chapters offer concrete ideas for starting, expanding, or refining a school- or studio-based curriculum (K-16) that includes popular music. Chapters also include best practices in specific areas of popular music—from songwriting to singing, playing to producing—that can inform and guide instruction." Carlos R. Abril, Ph.D., Professor of Music Education - University of Miami

“Action-based Approaches in Popular Music Education is an invaluable resource for music teachers of all kinds! Whether you teach popular music courses, concert bands, choirs, or in general music, this book has practical, classroom-tested strategies and activities for you and your students. This volume contains a who's-who list of popular music educators, bringing their years of experience to the reader in short, easy-to-read chapters. The activities are easy to implement, and the chapters can be used as a springboard for developing your own ideas for use in your program. I can't wait to use this book with my undergraduate pre-service music educators!" Virginia Davis, Ph.D., Professor of Music Education - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

"The lived experiences presented in Action-based Approaches in Popular Music Education offer such wonderful snapshots into the authors' personal journeys in popular music education. In combining the variety of perspectives with the conciseness of each chapter, readers will enjoy valuable insights, specific "how-to" guidance, as well as consideration for potential challenges with each approach. Bravo to the authors and editors for such a fantastic contribution to the field of popular music education and for sharing how these approaches can be enacted in school, university, or community settings." Donna Hewitt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Music Education - University of Wisconsin-Parkside

"Holley, Reinhert, and Moir have curated a practical, diverse, and thoughtful set of chapters, each including valuable insights into teaching and learning popular music. I found strategies and projects that I will use immediately in my teaching and am excited by the innovative pedagogy featured in the text. A valuable text for any music educator!" Emmett O'Leary, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Music Education - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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"Engaging, insightful and directly linked to practice, this book makes a fantastic contribution to innovative pedagogy and will support the incorporation of popular music not only for higher education professors but for many working with younger students, too." ~ Lucy Green, noted pedagogue and author of How Popular Musicians Learn: A Way Ahead For Music Education 

"A long overdue contribution to the conversation about how to teach popular music in K-12 settings. The book comprehensively covers the topic through a combination of music education theory and practically based suggestions gleaned from Steve’s many years as a popular music facilitator. This book is a must have for teachers interested in starting their own pop program, for pre-service music educators, and for professors who train young music educators heading off into the field."  Judy Lewis, Assistant Professor – Music Teaching and Learning, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

“I have watched and enjoyed Steve’s approach to non-traditional music education over a long period of time, and he is certainly the right man to write this book. It takes a wide array of skills and the ability to translate the nuances of that particular style to teach this music. This book will help the band director develop those skills.” ~ Paul McKinney, Music Director/Jazz Studies Coordinator – The Stax Music Academy, Memphis, TN

“What Steve Holley has done is capture the important elements of coaching a popular music ensemble in an easily accessible text that anyone can connect and learn from. This book is relevant for the expert and the beginner, and opens up the discussion not just content, but more importantly diverse ways for facilitating and sharing.” ~ Jarritt Sheel, Assistant Professor – Music Education, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

“From chapters discussing the ethos of popular music education and its relationship with other areas of practice, to chapters that provide specific ways to assist and engage with instrumentalists, this book sets forth a range of highly valuable information and ideas that will make it a valuable addition to the toolkit of any teacher who wants to be involved in popular music education.”  ~ Zack Moir, Lecturer in Music & Director, Applied Music Research Centre – Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland