Professional development

One of the growing areas of professional development focuses on understanding the connections between the practices of popular music and popular music pedagogies. With my expertise as a professional musician, educator,  and researcher, I'm able to offer a unique, interactive learning experience when working with teachers and students. Below you'll find a short list of professional development sessions I've offered in live, hybrid, and virtual modalities. If you don't see exactly what you need here, reach out to me at, and we can collaborate on a professional development experience that will support your teachers and, ultimately, reach more young people through music! 


Adding new arrows to your pedagogical toolkit

Beyond modern band

Coaching a Popular Music Ensemble LIVE

Connecting with the music community beyond the school

Blending formal, non-formal, and informal approaches in the rehearsal

Cultivating a student-centered learning space

Developing culturally relevant approaches to the music classroom

How do I get my students a gig?

How to develop a popular music program at your school

Integrating entrepreneurship into a music program

Incorporating technology into the rehearsal

Reimagining a music curriculum for the 21st-century

Rhythm section woes: Developing the pocket in your band

Student travel as a transformative music experience

Working with a sound system